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The Dansons Story

Dansons was founded in 1999 by Dan Thiessen and two of his sons, with the desire to turn the waste of sawmills into a reliable source of energy. Through widespread success in Canada, the US, and internationally, our company eventually went on to expand its product line from horse and animal bedding to pellet fuel and pellet fuel appliances, and more recently to industry-leading brands such as Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss Grills.

Today, Dansons is a best-in-class, global consumer goods corporation that is proudly family-owned and managed, with the reputation that fits the founders – reliable, authentic, dependable, and honest. As the home of multiple award-winning, consumer-backed brands, we consistently strive for quality and customer satisfaction in every area of our business.

Thanks to faithful leadership and team members, competitive industry-leading products, and our dedication to support our communities, we are thankful to continue our mission to deliver superior results with uncompromising integrity while honoring God and reinvesting in those in need.

Dansons Mission Statement

To provide our global customers with world-class, competitive, innovative products while delivering superior results to all stakeholders and never compromising our integrity. Honoring God, who has provided these opportunities, and reinvesting in those in need.

Our Impact

Dansons is a faith-based company dedicated to supporting our communities and investing in those in need. We do this by partnering with organizations and non-profit foundations that make a difference in the lives of our community members. God has blessed this business, and it’s our promise to share those blessings.

Every year we give 10% of our profits to The Thiessen Dedicated Foundation in the United States and the Thiessen Dedicated Trust in Canada. These organizations donate, support and sponsor non-profit Christian organizations throughout the world.

Over and above this 10%, Dansons is proud to support hundreds of organizations every year through its in-kind giving program and corporate giving partners. Major corporate monetary donations include organizations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Salvation Army and Ryan House Children’s Hospice.

We are committed to continuing this charitable support, and proud that we are making a positive impact on the world.

Pit Boss Heroes

Pit Boss Heroes

Learn More about Dansons and Pit Boss Heroes

Our Brands

Growing Brands Together

Dansons is proud to produce world-class and innovative products for our consumers around the globe.


Pit Boss Grills is the fastest growing brand in the grilling industry, offering the highest-quality and innovative wood pellet and gas grills on the market.


Louisiana Grills provides top-of-the-line grilling products utilizing upscale designs, quality craftsmanship and premium technology, delivering an elite outdoor cooking experience.


Surelock Security Safes produces the most secure safes on the market, backed by Surelock’s Lifetime Replacement Program.


Country Smokers produces world class and innovative products that help our grilling enthusiasts enjoy their grilling experience and elevate their outdoor cooking knowledge.

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A-Maze-N Smokers markets innovative and high-quality tube smokers and Smoker Maze products to help our customers enjoy their grilling experience.


Dansons Industrial Bulk Lubricants provides a wide array of high-quality engine oils, hydraulic oils, degreasers and other products for industrial grade equipment.


Thiessens is driven to provide a superior level of outdoor cooking equipment. From the weekend warrior to the professional outdoorsman, Thiessens looks to deliver equipment that makes it easier to get out and explore more.